About neogenesis

“We believe that there is always a better solution – a solution that brings greater value to our customers”

As a leading system integrator, neogenesis builds world-class IT solutions that fit the unique requirements of customers. Representing the most influential IT solutions in the industry, neogenesis rides on the cutting edge of the technology wave. That is, we know technology, where it's been, and where it's going. The solutions we represent, implement, and support are designed to launch customers from their current state into a more mature IT arena, setting them above competition. We strive to build quality solutions that bring efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investments.

NEO Vision

“A new leader in the IT era. A leader who exploits customer’s technological resources to make it a capability.”

NEO Mission

“Our Name reflects our mission to regenerate solutions that can help our customers to generate such high levels of economic value that together we set new standards for quality in our respective industry. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers.”


NEO Commitments

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    We believe that our customers are the backbone of our business, thus we strive to earn their loyalty over the long term..At neogenesis, We belive that our customers deserves our focused and undevided attention, a special attention is given to customer feedback as we continuously seek to enhance the customer experience and push for the continus improvment.

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    We believe that our employees, through their experience knowledge, ability , skills and competencies, are the driving force of the company. neogenesis recruits Engineering professionals who hold international certifications,and dedicates resources to ensuring they are well trained and up-to-date wi th the latest technologies. It is a priority at neogenesis to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to build a long and successful career with us.

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    Business Partners

    NeoGeneis carefully selects its business partners, and invests in building lasting relationships with them. We go to great lengths to ensure that our staff is fully engaged with our partners and has the required level of expertise in the technologies.

Why neogenesis

There is an oft-told story of a person new to a company asking an experienced Coworker what an employee should do when a customer calls, the old –timer responded: ‘’ there are three ways to do any job- the right way, the wrong way, and the company way. Around here we always do things the company way’’

Experienced and committed management team

Neo-Family has highly respected technical, project development and business management skills and a recognized track record of successful project delivery. This extensive knowledge and reputation together with a team of dedicated and reliable staff and subcontractors provides neogenesis with a key competitive advantage in securing new contracts and winning repeat business.

Integrated Service capability

neogenesis integrated business model enables the Company to provide clients with innovative, efficient, high quality and cost effective project solutions across the project development life cycle. Through this integrated service offering, neogenesis has been able to maintain continuity of project participation from studies through to development and operational support.

Strong Client Relationships

neogenesis and its management team have successfully developed and maintained strong customer relationships that provide a key competitive advantage in winning new contracts as clients seek to maintain, expand and diversify their operations.

Tacit Knowledge

our knowledge is deeply rooted in our employees and our culture. Our way of doing business and providing solutions for our customers is unique and can’t be imitated easily.

Neo Solutions

Neo Partners

neogenesis Technical Solutions has built a solid win-win partnership with world player vendors:

Neo Clients

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